Testimonials from Physicians

Anna Pare, MD"I was immediately intrigued by the Beaute Pacifique skin care products' patented delivery system. The superior technology allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin in full dermal depth in order to restore lost collagen and elastin levels caused by photoaging. We have been very, very pleased with the results."
Anne Pare, MD
John Rusca, MD"Frequently we plastic surgeons receive information about a product or procedure that is supposed to be the next best since sliced bread. Very infrequently does it turn out to be worth anybody's time. Beaute Pacifique, however, is unique. It is effective. This actually works! My patients are clamoring for more of it."
John Rusca, MD
William Dobes, MD"The Vitamin A formulation from Beaute Pacifique has consistently been the most effective OTC agent that we have used in our practice. This product has helped us upgrade a number of our patients to retinoids. We have had very good success with and it is my preference for this class of medicine."
William Dobes, MD
Jeffrey Zwiren, MD"With Beaute Pacifique we are able, for the first time, to reliably improve the quality of our patients' skin. I have scanned patients who have been using almost every cosmetic and prescription skin care lines available and none to date show the dermal improvement that we routinely achieve with Beaute Pacifique."
Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Diane Colgan, MD"I am impressed with the medical documentation on the efficacy of Beaute Pacifique, while my patients continue to be impressed with the differences they see in their mirrors. These Vitamin A creams promote healthy, beautiful skin. My patients' skin looks clearer, smoother, firmer, in a word: Younger!."
Diane Colgan, MD
Sarah Sawyer, MD"The Beaute Pacifique line has immediately become a patient favorite in my dermatology practice. The results speak for themselves and I have not come across another product that restores lost collagen and elastin in the skin like the Beaute Pacifique products do. We are very satisfied with these cream formulations."
Sarah Sawyer, MD
Uffe Gjede, MD"The Beaute Pacifique product line is a fantastic development in the field of skin care. I often share my skin cancer patients' before and after photos with fellow physicians who all agree these results are unique. The Beaute Pacifique creams work in such a way that it makes chronically damaged skin regenerate itself."
Uffe Gjede, MD
Brian Windle, MD"Beaute Pacifique is an extraordinary skincare line and treatment. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but today I use it daily on my skin, my wife uses it, and I recommend it to all patients I see in my office. We like the fact that it's easy to use and obviously that it works. That's what we have been looking for!"
Brian Windle, MD